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The integration of Zoom with Nubimed will allow users to associate a video call to any appointment. 

How do I install Zoom?

To connect your Zoom  account with your Nubimed account you must go to the initial page of your Nubimed account and you will see the option to connect with Zoom. 



Follow the steps below:

1- Click to "Click here to link with Zoom

2- On the Zoom authorization page, click ‘Authorize’ button. 

3- That's all! You will be redirected to Nubimed so you could start using video calls now.


How do I uninstall Zoom?

To unistall Nubimed from your Zoom account, you must log in into your Zoom account and navigate to the app by going to Manage > Installed Apps. Find Nubimed and click Uninstall.

Once the uninstallation has been completed you should see the 'Click here to link with Zoom' section again in your Nubimed account page, so you can install it again when you want.


How do I create a video call meeting?

In order to create an appointment, you need to go to "Shedule > Calendar" and press the "New Appointment" button. 



Once you are in the new appointment page, you will see an option to associate/disassociate video call in Zoom.  Select a patient, select the appointment date and time and,


if you want to associate a video call with the appointment, you just have to check the flag "Associate videocall".


The following actions will be fired when the appointment is saved in Nubimed: 

  • It will create a Video Call in the user's Zoom Account. 
  • It will send an e-mail to the attendee indicating the date and time and the link to join the meeting.
  • Every change to the appointment (update date or time, delete the appointment or disassociate the video call from the appointment) will be notified via e-mail to the attendee.


How do I start a video call?

In order to start the video call the user must click/edit the appointment. A small menu will be displayed on the left side of the appointment. You must click on the icon with the letter "i" to open a general information box about the appointment.



In the general information box you can copy the link to join the video call by clicking on the "Click to copy link video call".




How do I disassociate a video call from an appointment?

If you want to disassociate the video call from an appointment, you just need to edit your appointment and uncheck the "Associate video call" option. 

This action will delete the video call from your zoom account and will notify it to the attendee.



If you don't see the "Associate video call" option when you are creating/editing an appointment it's because you need to connect your Nubimed account with your Zoom account.  See 'How do I install Zoom?' section on the top of this page.

If you don't see the "join" button in an appointment and the "Associate video call in Zoom" option is checked... just wait a minute and try to open the appointment again. The interaction with zoom is made in a batch process in order to not affect Nubimed's performance. 


Contact Support

Our support team is available from 10am to 18pm (Central Europe Time) from Monday to Friday and your questions will be responded within the following 24/48 hours. 

You will receive support in the following channels: 


Contact us by phone to our customer's number you will find on the initial page of your Nubimed account. This option is available from 10am to 14pm (Central Europe Time) from Monday to Friday. 


Contact us to our support e-mail. You will find it on the initial page of your Nubimed account.

Help box

Click on the  Help  box at the bottom right of your Nubimed account.
First, enter one or two words that explain your problem, for example  'create a video call'  . The box will propose several articles from our manual that can help you.  At the end of the article you have a link to the original article, in case you want to see it in full page  .

If you have not found the solution, click on the  'Leave a message'  button in the box and explain your problem as best you can. Our team will analyze it prioritizing it according to its severity.

It is important that you indicate an email address to which you have access. Our team will respond to you by email.












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